Flying is the best possible thing for women.
— Baroness Raymonde de Laroche of France, first licensed woman pilot, regarding receiving her license, 8 March 1910


Willamette Valley Wings is a Portland, Oregon-based chapter of Women in Aviation International. For over 25 years WAI has been dedicated to promoting women’s participation in all facets of aviation, and it all happens through local chapters. This life-changing industry is more than just aviators: WAI promotes mechanics, dispatchers, ground personnel, air traffic control, managers, executives, passionate passengers, and anyone who loves this industry as much as we do.

We don’t stop at pilots; we don’t even stop at women! Men are encouraged to join us for every event, and many show their support by becoming fully-fledged members. Our chapter events are always free and open to the public. You don’t need to be a WAI member, and there is never any pressure to join, though we may talk so much about how great this organization is that you will want to be in on the fun! We will offer certain special events just for our official chapter members, to show them how much they mean to us. (Check out our Upcoming Events page to see what we are doing right now.)

Click the button here to meet our chapter officers, the savvy six who make it all happen.



Our home base is provided by our long-time, irreplaceable supporter, Willamette Aviation, at the Aurora Airport (KUAO), south of Portland, Oregon. Many of our events take place in their Education Hangar, but read each event on the calendar carefully—we might be anywhere! Our passion is promoting flight in beautiful, historic Oregon and its surroundings, but aviators aren’t limited by geography. We would love to welcome you from every corner of the globe.

When you arrive in Willamette Aviation's parking lot, the freestanding brick building in front of you is the FBO's main office; feel free to go in anytime for information, restrooms, conversation, etc. The big building to the left is their Education Hangar, with a presentation space, flight simulator, and upstairs conference room. When we are not exploring some new corner of the Northwest, this building is our base of operations.



We want to be your ground support system, no matter what your aviation dreams are. We want to inspire you, we want to give you ideas, and we want to show you opportunities.

  • Whether you have never been in the air or have spent a lifetime in it;
  • Whether you want a career or a one-hour escape;
  • Whether you are still just curious or already determined;
  • Whether you think you can or think you can’t (we know better);
  • Whether you want to fly aircraft, fix them, or help them on their way, we want to help you on yours.
  • Join us.