Aviation, this young modern giant, exemplifies the possible relationships of women with the creations of science.
— Amelia Earhart, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, 1935


We think our members represent the spirit of Women in Aviation, International.

  • We have women who are training hard for new licenses and ratings, women who are reconnecting with flying after years on the ground, and women who teach others how to transform themselves into aviators.
  • We have members of all ages (really—our youngest member is less than a year old!). We have women pursuing aviation careers—maybe not even their first career. And we have women who just enjoy flying in aircraft, non-pilots who love being in the company of women pilots.
  • We even have men join us to take advantage of opportunities we offer. What’s more, we are creating future members, through events like outreach at air shows, and Girls in Aviation Day, showing people that flying is within reach for anyone.

So whatever your interest in aviation, we want to meet you. If you are already part of aviation, want to get started, or want to find out if flying could be part of your life, please join us. Remember, it isn’t just about all the things we want to share with you—you contribute to our group too!