We are so happy to say that all these people and businesses are our sponsors. They have donated time, energy, even money, and their support of our chapter from its fledgling days are the reason we are here. But this is no mere advertisement— they are also resources for you, locally and further-flung. Visit them and find out what they have to offer!


Willamette Aviation has been our steadfast supporter since day 1. They have provided us space, services, supplies, donations, and unfailing encouragement. Their goal is to create a community of pilots, and they are doing a brilliant job. We literally would not be here without them.


Columbia Helicopters have partnered with us for the Oregon Air Show and Girls in Aviation Day, enhancing our outreach events with their whirly world!


Evergreen Museum generously provided raffle donations for our 2017 GIAD fundraiser, and they are just a fantastic museum to visit!


We are delighted to have been invited to the Oregon Air Show since 2016. Their support helps us reach a much larger audience each year, offering resources through our chapter to help inspire aviation fans to take flight themselves!


The Line Up Shop has given us so much time, effort, and donations—thank you again. This family company will shortly be closing its doors, but your early support of our Girls in Aviation Day events has made a big impact, and we will never forget it.


In addition to all the hours put into designing the WVW logo, this entire website (including original graphics and color palette therein), group T-shirts, event posters, and more, Colormusing has also donated many of the costs associated with starting our beautiful new website.